Ohio MInistry Network Missions
Resourcing the church

Missions quick-start Kit & guide

The Quick-Start Kit and Guide are tools to equip the local church to raise up people to go, give and pray.

AG World Missions

AG World Missions exists so all can hear the hope of the gospel. AGWM is committed to all people in all nations, regardless of remoteness, rejection, or resistance.

AG U.S. Missions

U.S. Missions is the state-side missions organization for the Assemblies of God. The U.S. Missions team consists of missionaries, chaplains, and project volunteers who are in strategic locations across our nation.

Educate & Inspire

These are recommended resources to educate the church on the need for missions and to inspire laypeople to participate individually and corporately in missions.

Recruit and involve

Recommended resources for recruiting and involving individuals in missions whether short-term or extended time on the field.

Give & Pray

Recommended resources for evaluating churrch missions giving and to equip the church to engage in prayer and giving.